Central air systems are complex units that involve many moving components and you have invested many dollars in your systems. That being said you will want your units running at their full potential allowing you to save on utility bills.

Aron services all major brands but not limited to:

  • Bosche
  • Craftsman
  • Maytag
  • GE
  • Kitchen Aid

We suggest having your units serviced before the major seasons so you protected throughout harsh winters and extreme summers.

Generally speaking, most homes, central air systems work as one unit with a present air system to circulate air.

The air is cooled or heated when it moves over the central air system evaporator coil which is the primary function of the structure.

The air then travels through the ducts into the infrastructure while room-temperature air is drawn into the furnace’s return air duct starting the cycle all over again.

13 Point Service Check List

Our trained technicians will carry out a thorough point inspection to ensure your systems are operating at its highest capacity:

  1. Rate the voltage on the blower
  2. Test thermostat for suitable operation
  3. Clean and replace filters
  4. Examine service valves
  5. Inspect blower belts
  6. Inspect refrigerant
  7. Check ducts to ensure they are in good shape
  8. Inspect electric wires
  9. Ensure safety contraptions are working properly
  10. Examine condenser coils
  11. Service all bearings
  12. Fan blade inspection
  13. Check time delay is functioning properly.

The list above is the basics of how Aron conducts a service and when we arrive will fill you in on everything that is going to be completed plus a report showing our work.

Please contact us today to get started. This small investment will save you money in the long run and have you living comfortable all year around.